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Welcome on our website

Welcome on our website

A little bit about us.

  We are a cleaning company whose goal is to create conditions for the comfort and cleanliness of your houses and office spaces.
We use only ECO products that are completely safe.
Our cleaners are professionals who are ready to cope with any difficulties in cleaning. Just decide and order cleaning from our company. We are sure you will be satisfied with the result and will become our regular customer.
Cleaning is an important part of our lives. This activity can not be called fascinating or enjoyable. It takes time and effort, becoming routine. Just 5 minutes of daily cleaning take 1.5 days of your life per year. Washing the floors twice a week – 52 hours. And if you add to these figures the general cleaning once a week, the amount of lost days in a year is frightening. But this is, of course, if you do everything yourself and do not seek help from CleanFox!.