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What kind of cleaning do I need?

What kind of cleaning do I need?

Our most popular service is standard comprehensive cleaning. It is done in an apartment in which they live on a permanent basis.
Degree of contamination: low and medium.
It is NOT suitable for a high degree of contamination, in a neglected apartment ( heavy fat deposits and dirt, old plaque, littering ).

General cleaning.
Degree of contamination: any. Maximum cleaning of the room from contamination. Thorough cleaning of the entire room with dust removal of walls and cornices, washing chandeliers and appliances in the kitchen from the inside.
It is NOT suitable for contamination after repairs and difficult situations*.

IMPORTANT: When ordering, please specify all the nuances and the degree of contamination, since if the cleaner arrives to order and the type of cleaning does not correspond to the degree of contamination, we will be forced to notify you about the cost increase.