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Cleaning the bathroom is a task that most of us dread. However strenuous it might be, it is imperative to keep your bathroom clean for the hygiene of the entire household.

Most of the bathroom are heavily used and are wet throughout the day. Water leaves stains on showers, sinks, toilets and over time if it is kept uncleansed, rust can form. It not only gives a shady look to the bathroom but also becomes the cause of germs. These germs can spread into your house and cause deadly diseases.

There are various bathroom cleaners available on the market, but nothing works better than homemade products. These solutions are easy to apply and come at a much lower cost.

  1. Warm water and vinegar solution

Mix a half cup of vinegar in mildly warm water and use it to mop your floor. As the wet floor is prone to stains, once the wet cleaning is done, drain out the excess water to ensure that the floor does not attract any further germs. This is not good for removing heavy stains, but if it is used regularly, then it will ensure that no adamant marks are formed on the floor.
2. Use Sandpaper

You can use sandpaper to deal with the stubborn stains on your sink, toilet bowl or bathtub. This requires some efforts, but it is one of the most economical means of removing the foul yellowish stains. Scrub the stain with dry or wet sandpaper and then rub it with a clean cloth.

3. Baking soda

It can be used to clean your bathtub, tiles, and toilet bowls. Mix baking soda with little water to form a paste. You can also use lukewarm water to make this paste. Gently rub the area you want to clean with the mixture. Don’t put too much of force as it is unnecessary. Clean the area thoroughly and dry it with a clean cloth. For cleaning the floor, you can sprinkle the baking soda on it and let it stay for a few minutes before scrubbing it off. Once done with the scrubbing, wash it off with water and use the mope to drain out the excess water from the floor.

4. Flour

Nothing can be simpler than cleaning the taps in your bathroom. Use flour from your kitchen and see the magical effect of it on your bathroom. Make a paste with an equal portion of flour, salt, and lemon juice. You can also replace lemon juice with vinegar. Apply it on all the taps in your bathroom and let it stay overnight; if not then at least for half an hour. Use a clean cloth to rub the surface, and you will be surprised to see the effect of this simple technique.

Cleaning your bathroom will become a less tedious task if you do it regularly and if all the members of the family maintain some basic hygiene habits like mopping the floor after every use. Keep a clean cloth near your sink so that you can rub it on the sink before going to bed every night. Try to keep your bathroom dry, and you will find a decreasing number of stains on it. If you can maintain proper ventilation of your bathroom by keeping the windows and door open, it will dry up faster without much effort on your part. Happy cleaning!